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Hi, my name is Petronela and I would like to welcome you to my pages. I have always been interested in most things (actually there is very little that does not interest me), although some things interest me less than others: for example I am not interested in spending money towards watching sports where the sports men are paid huge amounts of money on a weekly basis, when they win almost nothing internationally.... or at the Olympics. I have a huge respect for Olympians though and yes, I am a proud owner of an Olympic 2012 London games volunteer costume, which hopefully will be passed onto my children. Although these days I am not as strong as I used to be I like keeping healthy and sporty and with high energy levels, having a very healthy lifestyle involving no 'strange substances'. Even my cocktails are non-alcoholic, apart when I am socialising in the evening - we only live once, after all!!!!

I have a very dry sense of humor but I tend to laugh at most of the things, no wonder I like to escape the 6pm distorted News we get by watching YBF at 7pm, ha ha: inside I am just a big child that still looks at the world with naive eyes and prefers to see the beautiful side of the world and it's people!!!!

I have a Science Degree, therefore I am interested in anything from Science, Mathematics, Chemistry etc to Charity work (helping several charities), I speak a great number of languages and I am very logic in everything I do: most recently I discovered I can play the piano despite having not continued this hobby since I was very young. Yet, due to the fact that I come from a musical background, I am interested in all kind of music and yes, I like composing. So I guess I have a huge creative flair and I like designing jewellery, clothing etc and taking everything from inception to the finishing product and yes, most recently I started creating my own jewellery as I like to own very unique pieces.

And yes, I love traveling (besides history, geography, architecture etc) which I do since I was a child: my 'special somebody' sensed how much I miss the trips I kept taking with my father regularly, when we used to travel in his car for thousand of miles, that he surprised me with some amazing trips to North America - which I now love dearly: the people there are so nice and friendly..... and passing compliments so easily!!!! I have yet to meet such people in my area, ha ha

What I am trying to say is that I am truly fortunate to have met such a great person who surprises me all the time with gorgeous presents..... and flowers on weekly basis and even my dear father would have loved to travel with us in our amazing trips..... although traveling 4 US states in 24 hours is a bit much: from New Orleans in Louisiana passing through Mississippi and Alabama all the way to Florida.

But don't you think that I was always this fortunate: most of my life has not been this easy, being bullied all the time for being 'different' and yes, I am still trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, I like helping people and make others happier: it takes so little to bring happiness to others - on several occasions I found myself on the street giving cupcakes to strangers as instead of 6 cupcakes, I made 18!!!! I am not going to eat all that alone, aren't I?

So, please take it easy on me, I am still working on this website and it's unique photography, all done by me and uploading videos after learning VSDC video software - that is one moody piece of software, ha ha

So, keep in touch and thank you for listening.




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Hi, my name is Petronela and I am a well established travel blogger. I have been detailing my trips around the world for a long time, having acquired lots of readers on a well respected travel site. Most recently I decided to create this site where from you can keep track of all my passions.


Keep in touch with me here, by emailing me, or via my social media where I post regularly my projects or impressions. Underneath, on this page you will find the links to my social media where I hope to keep in touch with you too and learn if I somehow influenced you.


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