Ann Summers - black and red hold ups and stockings

This latest video gives information on a selection of black and red hold ups and stockings, some which are amazingly gorgeous.

To start with we have got a pair of Ann Summers black and red hold ups with cute red bows and red back seam which were purchased via a deal they had at that time of 3 pairs for the price for 2.

Next an amazingly stunning Ann Summers Burlesque stockings with one of the most gorgeous laces in black and red I saw recently. Although the tight area is beige, meaning you can wear them beautifully under an office skirt, without even giving a clue to the beauty you are wearing underneath you simple attire, the lace is a delight to look at!!! It is a very wide lace and I wish more designers would produce something like that!!!

To end this 'parade' we have got a pair of Fashion red back seam hold ups in 15 denier, believe it or not purchased from Primark - Atmosphere, as you can clearly see on the label. They have a red back seam and cute red bows although I wish the lace area was wider. But even so, very low priced, I believe they were one of the 20 items once purchased from Primark in a shopping haul, do no huge dent in the budget.

I hope all this information helped in advising you where to make your best purchases.






Links to the items presented here:

- Ann Summers black& red hold ups
- Ann Summers burlesque stockings
- Fashion red back seam hold up

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