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OK, so maybe just like me, you do not like spending much time in the kitchen but have a sweet tooth and most importantly, you like good stuff which is also well displayed and like trying your artistic flair from time to time. Well, trust me, you are not the only one as lazy me, I keep running away from the kitchen all the time.

Yet, once in a while I like baking my own 'thingies', experiment that started in my early teens, when my parents could not be bothered to make sweets home on a weekly basis but simply for special occasions. Probably my first attempt was to make pancakes and trust me, I am more adventurous these days. After my very first attempt to make apple pie was so successful, due to spending such a short time in the kitchen but also due to it's easiness, I decided to make a second trial to prove to myself that is indeed that easy, and here is the proof: with Tesco pastry sheets, normally come in a pack of 14 sheets (I think) I decided to separate them into 4 pies, hence allocating 3 and 4 sheets per pie, which I 'greased' with some butter, especially towards the edges as I wanted to have moist edges. I further put shaved apples, sultanas (which were a bit old, yet they transformed magnificently in the new pie), sugar as I have a sweet tooth and cinnamon for that extra taste.

After greasing the tray with more butter (it does not really matter what kind of butter you use) in order the pie not to get stuck to the tray, I rolled each pie in the tray, puting some sugar on top and more butter towards the edges: should you not put butter towards the edges, they would become very dry and maybe uneatable. After under 30min in the oven (checking every 10min as I have a funny oven) I decided the pie is done and ready to cool and then eat...... and yes, the pie was amazing. Trust me, this comes from on the fussiest and most self criticising people around!!!!

I was so pleased with my attempts that I continued experimenting in the kitchen with big cakes and cupcakes as you can see underneath: an amazing raspberry and blackberry and mint chocolate cream cake (my other half really loved this cake - although he did not like the next one when the raspberries have been replaced with strawberries and I guess he was right: raspberries are the right ones in this combo), then the crazy buttercream cake with white roses and marzipan flowers when I kept giving him to eat all the icing and marzipan as it was too much for me, or the red and violet marzipan cake with cream and edible lace I made myself and the 2 types of cupcakes I made further. The first were the fresh cream/blue chocolate cupcakes and then the red roses/Russian piped tulip cupcakes (big secret: never use gel based colorant for such piping as it destroys the cream for Russian piping as it does not stay still).

I cannot wait to continue my culinary journey and surely I will keep you updated with all the secrets.





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- Tesco flour, sugar, eggs

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