Beautify your clothes

Why throw away beautiful clothes just because they are too small, too short, too long or too old? Learn in this clip how to beautifully change your clothes into amazing creations that will make everywhere envious.

This gorgeous tulle floral embroidered top was purchased in a very small size from NewLook, however knowing how easy is to modify tulle I decided to purchase some extra tulle from ebay and not only make the top to fit my body but enlarging the sleeves - I simply love the final outcome and I hope you do too!!!

The black lace dress from NewLook has been purchased to be worn as a day dress - because of this of course I cannot even dream of showing the beginning of my breast, hence I decided to cover them with similar lace I purchased on ebay by metre. I further added some black lace onto the beige lining in order to make it appear longer and give some extra weight ensuring no gush of air will reveal much more than my legs...... ahem.

The gorgeous off white jacket has been purchased years ago and I was deeply upset to see how the local dry cleaners damaged it at the sleeves, that is why I decided to cover them with 2 types of lace from ebay. I further added some decoupaged flowers from the laces to the front of the jacket to mask the yellow could on the jacket due to time.

The while shawl/scarf has been purchased to modify it and use it as a top, just great with a black dress etc, the way I have done with a black shawl I showed to you in a different video.

The gorgeous boucle autumn/spring jacket in white is something I purchased from Primark yet never worn as I though that something was missing - when I added this 5cm wide organza I purchased from ebay in batch of 5m I realised this was the look I was finally happy with.

The gorgeous turqoise pyjama is something I like wearing when I am home, yet I burnt it with the iron - attaching this white floral decoupage from the lace by metre I purchased on ebay was such a great idea....... just like attaching it to the pink silk bottoms. What a great result!!!!

The black tulle dress, is something I am also proud of and is something which I showed you how to do it in a previous video.

The brown/white/beige long dress made of 2 scarves needed to be made longer on the sides after getting smaller while being washed: adding another scarf which I cut in 2 creating 2 triangles was such a great idea - now I have a new long dress to cool and cover my legs on the hot summer days.

Have a wonderful day.






- tulle floral embroidery top
- tulle
- black lace dress
- lace from
- off white cotton jacket
- haberdashery by metre from
- white shawl from
- white autumn jacket
- white organza
- turqoise pyjama
- pink silk bottoms
- black tulle dress
- applique from
- beige/brown dress

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