Big ring collection

Loving big rings and most importantly rings that you would like to pass onto your children?

This video is all about that: where to find these big rings and how much you should spend on them, whether made of silver or gold.

The first ring is a gorgeous brown quartz and white topaz with yellow diamonds I purchased from Gemporia online. This ring was a bit more expensive but a great ring nevertheless.

The next ring was purchased from The Jewellery Channel, again online, thus not having to call their line and having to waste time by speaking to a person. It is a very large ring and something you should consider investing in if you like your spinel.

The last 2 rings were purchased from QVC online and a bit more expensive purely because they are of 9k gold: an elongated Ouro verde quartz and then a Paparadcha colour quartz.

Have a wonderful day.





Links for items presented here:

- brown quartz ring from
- black spinel ring from
- ouro verde ring from
- paparadcha colour quartz ring from

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