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Surely, just like me, you have bracelets or necklaces covering dust from not being worn for either not being in fashion or simply because, after buying them at low prices, you realised....... you are not that fond of them. Or maybe they were presents you could not refuse, or simply you moved on from that style..... Well this is what happened to me, and, as being organised as ever, I realised which box to dig out and get all these items which I never wore... and transform them into something which hopefully will get worn in the near future.

What started all this was a beautiful necklace I saw on Ebay and which I thought could look great on a beach, with me, ideally, looking perfect in a swimsuit. Although the green necklace, as seen on the YouTube video, was under 10 pounds on Ebay, by the time I was done with spending money on all the accessories needing to make my own necklaces I realised I spent some 40 pounds!!!! Worth it? Well, this was the material needed to make all the necklaces (or tubes, as I call them) on which everything was suspended, as seen in all these pictures. Add to that the chains, the open rings, end caps, Kumihino macrame etc - as I made my 5 necklaces, with material to make more 20 if I want.

I am rather happy with the variety of colours, from pinkish to the earthy colours, reflecting my mood of the day. What I did not buy was the lobster clasps, as I used the ones from the existing necklaces and bracelet never worn. The cheapest and best value for money must have been though the see through organising plastic boxes from Poundland, each for one pound only.

Of course I will be transforming or making more necklaces, I already proceeded to buy sterling silver items and wire and semi precious stones from Ebay, TheJewelleryMaker and TheJewelleryChannel to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Keep in touch with me and I will show you how I am getting on.





Links to items presented here:

- 2 packs of 10 mini cotton tassels
- 1 pack of 5 organza ribbon and cord necklaces
- cross metal cable chain 18X12mm (sold by metre)
- 1 pack of 50 silver plated open jump ring in 12mm diameter
- 2 mini pliers for precision craft
- 1 pack of 20 mixed silver/gold cord end tip caps 14X11mm
- G-S hypo fabric cement 9ml with precision tip clear or E6000
- 4 types of 100% acrylic knitting yarn
- 2mm diameter kumihimo macrame
- 2 pack of 10m each metallic thread in silver and gold

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