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OK, so once in a while we all have to go shopping, to buy all those so 'necessary' items, don't we girls? And I am not talking about cupcakes or food but those items that make us feel and look more beautiful. Even though you might have hundreds of items you purchased in the last years, hiding around in cupboards or well organised boxes, you still want to buy the latest researches and avant garde technologies that bring you a better eye liner, or a better mascara, or a better smelling lipstick courtesy of all scientists working hard for the major cosmetic companies.

If this is how you feel once in a while, trust me, you are not the only one, I feel just the same, and here you will discovere some very unique items I found in my recent shopping haul: I like my make up minimalist with traces of foundation only on the nose and chin, as these are the oily areas on my face, but apart from blusher I really do not like anything on my dewy cheeks and forehead. I like them looking healthy and taking on the fresh air and honestly, I never understood people who put several layers of foundation, concealer etc on their skin - in the long run, trust me, caking up your skin does not do anyone any favors. OK, OK, I do get my own spots too which I cover with a bit of foundation but when I am indoors I prefer to use a bit of antibiotic cream prescribed from my doctor for those very annoying and hurting under the skin spots which I have since I was in my early teens and probably I will always get.

This recent shopping haul started with a stop at Boots where from I got another very pink Barry M lipstick in shade 52. I keep buying this lipstick from Barry M for many, many years and I even remember, and still have, the old packaging, ha ha. You can never have enough pink lipsticks (and many, many other colors - at some point I was having some 100 lipsticks of all colors), although this shade is similar to another lipstick I got from Maybelline I got from the USA last year!!!!

Of course I had to experiment with some eye shadows and what I found the best on the shelf and great value for money too, was the Collection trio of shades - apparently designed for eyebrows - yet I decided to give them a new use and apply the dark colors as eye shadows. I already started using them and I am very pleased with them, especially when used with the L'Oreal black lacquer eye liner - what a great eye liner that is!!!! Together with the Barry M black eye liner, both lasting for ages, I think they are the best on the market at the moment!!!

Another great purchase, from Ebay was the Younique duo set of gel and eye lash fibers and the Divaderme eye lash fibers. Basically, first you would have to apply your own mascara in a thin coat, then see your eyelashes maximise like fake lashes by applying the Younique black gel and on the gel apply the fibers. Even after an application you see a huge difference but if you want even bigger lashes, apply as many coats of gels and fibers as you want, securing everything with another coat of gel in the end. I have got some 30 pairs of fake lashes, yet this is my latest addiction. And remembering that in the past I destroyed my upper lashes with permanent fake lashes being glued in specialised salons!!!! What I discovered, as my lashes kept growing longer and the fake lashes annoying my eyes, besides looking funny as they were seen some 5mm away from my eye, was, when they were falling I almost had no upper eyelashes!!!! I found it hilarious that my lower lashes were longer than the upper lashes!!!!

In my Youtube video here, I also talk about how to achieve longer lashes: I keep using Lash serum I bought on ebay for quite some time, applying it on the lower lashes and every single time I am amazed how long they grow in the harsh London climate!!! I heard stories about women with baby blue eyes getting some brown points on their blues, yet this never happened to me as my eyes are most of the time blue-grey, only becoming devilishly blue in hot weather. As I said the Lash serum works on me and I will keep continue using it!!!

Also, on this clip I talk about the multitude of nail varnishes I have - my special other half kept laughing at me the other day that I have got more than 100, yet at the same time he encouraged me to get more when will be traveling in the future to a beach destination - as the sea and sun protection cream never seem to be a good combination with my varnish!!!

I hope all this inspired you, so keep in touch and check my new clips on new purchases........ which I seem to be making regularly - better than going to a football match, isn't it girls?

Have a nice day.






Links to the items presented here:

- Thierry Mugler AMen shower gel
- L'Oreal black lacqueur eyeliner from Boots
- BarryM lipstick Pink 52 from Boots
- Maybelline pink lipstick shade 05
- Collection eyebrow kit from Boots
- TKMaxx set of glitter nail varnish from
- TKMaxx hair conditioners
- Sally Hansen Maximum growth nail varnish from Boots
- Nail Varnishes from Poundland
- Renewal Lash Serum from Ebay
- Younique Lash enhancement from
- Divaderme lash fibres

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