Cupcakes for my Valentine

So, if just like me, once in a while you are fortunate to be having a Valentine to spoil, especially when he is spoiling you in return with gorgeous roses bouquet (actually 45 roses to be more precise!!!!) why not make the easiest desert to make, the eternal cupcakes: in this video I show how I made these amazing cupcakes with red icing, blue chocolate and double cream - they taste as good as they look, no wonder they disappeared in our mouths in no time. As opposed to cakes, with cupcakes you can check the progress after 10-15min in the oven, as the sponge is so small it actually allows to grow much faster than a cake would. So many times my sponge grew so much that from 3 eggs I actually made 18 cupcakes instead of 12 as they normally should: as I had no one to spoil then, I was giving the cupcakes to complete strangers on the street!!!!

The process is very simple and it does not take long - no need to stay in the kitchen for hours; although I have a sweet tooth I prefer to spend my time outside the kitchen.

For these cupcakes I made the decoration out of red icing 24h in advance and I make the cupcakes by mixing 3 eggs with 3 spoons of sugar and 3 large spoons of flour. I then added the vanilla for a delicate flavor and the bicarbonate of soda to make sure the self raising flour will grow even more.

When the cupcakes have cooled down (after staying in the oven under 30min - depending on each oven - check the sponge by sticking the wooden end of a match or anything similar) I applied the blue chocolate cream made of softened blue chocolate buttons in the microwave with 3 large spoons of butter. Later on I topped everything with Double Cream (never Fresh cream - as we have here in the UK) which I sweetened with 3 large spoons of Icing Sugar. I further sprinkled chocolate on some cupcakes and Pink Glimmer on others.





Links for items presented here:

- Tesco flour, sugar, eggs, Double Cream
- Sainsbury's Pink Glimmer
- Poundland Blue chocolate buttons

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