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OK, you might have taken for granted the fact that in the UK we get so many items priced so low due to the high purchasing power we have here - after all, the UK market is the place where sellers from around the world come to get their stock, whether they are from Europe or even the Caribbean!!! Who would have thought!!!!

Yet, here in the UK, we can get cheaply not only clothes, of similar quality, if not better than some designer items, but at the same time even the Diamond jewellery. I am not even well off, yet I like my jewellery: why pay huge amounts in the expensive shops for something which is not even of precious material when we are blessed to be having amazing channels like TJC and Gemporia where we can purchase great durable items you can pass onto your off springs!!!

In this clip I show you my gorgeous stacker Diamond rings in white and blue which I purchased from TJC for under 15 GBP per ring: I like them both and I like wearing them together, separate or placing a small ring between them.

Next we have got a Rose diamond ring with very tiny diamonds, yet very unique. The very first time I saw such a ring it was a Selfridges and it was a stunning ring which you can move it in order to open or close the diamond rose!!!! Also uniquely priced some 20000 GBP which you could afford only if you were very rich and able to invest this for the future!!!!

The next ring, is a stunning 2 carat ring from Gemporia which my partner purchased it for me as a Christmas present at a very low price. The diamonds are a bit bigger yet I wish they were whiter and sparkler!!!

The last ring is a gold Diamond ring which I like in it's simplicity. I purchased it from Argos, believe it or not, some years ago and I like that fact that I can wear it on the small finger.

I hope all this information helped you in making some great future purchases for yourself!!!






Links for items presented here:

- stacker diamond rings from http://www.tjc.co.uk

- rose diamond ring from http://www.tjc.co.uk

- 2 carat diamond ring from http://www.gemporia.com

- gold diamond ring from http://www.argos.co.uk

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