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How fortunate are we to be living in such a great market with some of the lowest prices on earth and great quality items, un-thinkable in places like Russia, or Brazil, or Australia. This is due to many sellers cutting the middle man, hence being able to pass onto us the low prices!!! We are so fortunate to be able to purchse great items from H&M or NewLook, some of similar quality to that of well known designers. And if these items are too simple, you can always beautify them with haberdashery, just the way I do it myself for many years....

Check underneath my latest video on New Look and H&M haul: I purchased these dresses purely for their low prices with a view to beautify them with laces I purchased on ebay. The next step would be to make up my mind and decide what laces I should actually use on these dresses - help me in making up my mind!!!!

I like all these laces, which I keep purchasing for quite some time in anything between 1 metre or 5 metres length, as they are amazing value for money (sometimes only paying around 5 UK pounds for 5 metres of lace!!!) hence saving on time and my transport around to find such laces, nevermind the high price, which could be even 4 times higher, when you try to find such laces in central London.

Shall I create a contrast with a lace of a different colour, or shall I use a lace of similar colour to the dress, hence creating only a 'detailed impact' to the naked eye? Decisions, decisions, ha ha

I will surely keep you updated with all these modifications and if you ask nicely, maybe teach you in great detail how to do it!!!!





Links for items presented here:

- Tesco flour, sugar, eggs http://www.tesco.com

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