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Some of us can 'survive' perfectly without having gorgeous colours in our lives, personally, I like my senses being awakened every day with amazing displays of colurs, besides being stimulated with amazing smells coming from the world's most unique plants. Most recently I keep buying, or to be more specific, my 'special somebody' keeps surprising me with amazing roses provided courtesy of Tesco and their long lasting bouquets of 15 roses, all prices at only five pounds!!!!!! Not only are the roses amazing, whether red, burnt orange, pink or white, but some of them last more than one week!!!! And I couldn't be happier!!!!

What follows though is my dedicated work to ensure these roses will be happy in my home and will keep smiling at me every day, by changing their water at least every other day and cutting the stems 1 or 2 inches shorter at least once during their 'stay with me'. No need for Plant food, this is a secret very few florists will tell you: roses will not 'understand' much, if 'enhancement' is added to the water.

Also, it is my duty to make a gorgeous arrangement, by placing the roses in see through glass vases, my favourites, whatever shape they are in, whether square, round etc, and cover them in cellophane tighten up with 'earthy' looking strings and then placing the roses in green and pink supports as shown in the YouTube video undeneath.

Pity, that however much I am struggling with my lemon and orange trees I got recently, is not that easy to make them happy in our cold London weather. One tree was completely bald and lost it's leaves in under 2 weeks after being delivered, although, just when I gave up on him, thinking what to do with the pot, new branches started growing and now, many weeks later, reached almost the half of the original tree!!!

Or my gorgeous orchids, all giving up on me after just several weeks, with the exception of one, that started blooming after several years, smiled at me for several days, then left me only with it's leaves.

At least I know that I can always count on my Dragon tree, growing for more than 3 metres, growing more branches despite being re-potted in November and growing like mad, as if saying 'no, you can alwasy rely on me'......... and my gorgeous roses.





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