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We all admire gorgeous jewellery when we see it in magazines or somebody else's finger but how often do we stop to pay compliments to the wearer? Clearly, we live in a society where we have to compliment ourselves, or push our partners to getting a compliment, ha ha ha, ha. In this next video I will show you how to get savvy and get great jewellery at amazing prices. Gemporia has been a favorite of mine for quite some time as they clearly cut the middle man and produce well priced jewellery with a great attention to detail.

In this video I show several purchases, all made at Gemporia Jewellery: all rings are gorgeous in different ways although very rarely I wear them together: firstly we have a gorgeous Tanzanite ring which I would normally wear on the middle finger where I am a size M and a size K-L on the second finger. The tanzanite ring came with a Certificate of Authenticity, as Gemporia sends you with every single purchase you make from them, together with information and brochures on future shows etc. I always prefer to purchase mine online rather than bother the Customer reps with my question, as Gemporia's website give you great details regarding the size of the ring, dimensions of the stones and each individual stones, beside the carat etc. I rarely had to return something to them, as some stones could fall in the pouches or fall when you wear them, that is why you always have to shake your jewellery when you receive it and make sure everything is perfect and you do not hear that shaking sound.

The next ring is a gorgeous Pink Topaz ring, rather large - well, we all need one of these large rings, don't we, girls? The ring is really gorgeous and has rather large pink Topaz stones.

The following rings is a stunning Fluorite with white topaz on the shoulder, which turns green in the night light - great experiment to enjoy with the little ones!

The last ring is an amazing Songea Green Sapphire with white topaz - I did not purchase any other sapphire rings, but I am rather pleased with this unique ring.

Give it a try yourself and get a gorgeous and well priced jewellery that does not break the bank!!!





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