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OK, so you might not have heard about several items, yet, trust me, you can find similar ones in your local area doing exactly the same trick. In this clip I show you how to get great skin at any age without the need to cake up your face in 10 layers of make up, foundations etc. It involves a very simple routine, and provided your skin is free of spots (as you dealt with this problem by addressing it to your doctor who will prescribe the right things that affect your skin during one's teenage years and even later on in life), there is no need to apply but little bit of foundation here and there, just to cover these spots when you are out there socialising. Personally for many years, I stimulate my face by using a small loofah, here and there and not touching the spots with it as it will hurt, while applying Shiseido facial foam to make a nice lather. After getting rid of this lather with warm water, I then use a toner, at the moment a great toner from Simple, purchased at Boots, and then a serum and cream. At the moment I am using the ones from Lacura at Aldi which not only are great value for money, but are very good quality matching the very expensive creams on the market.

What you will discover next is several masks I swear by, all purchased at Boots and which are used whatever I am looking to improve on my skin: getting rid of the black spots and also tightening the pores when I use Boots peel off mask, or for a good feel and rosy cheeks when I use the Bee Sting fix lifting mask, or if my skin is very dry I will use the Quick fix Mega Moisture mask or the Super specialist mask by Una Brennan. If I have more time I will use any of the Good things mask, followed by the routine with toner + serum + cream described above.

One very important thing is to pay attention to the small print and learn of each mask components in case you are allergic to any of them. These mask should last for a long time and there is no need to apply any type of mask more than once per week or even less, according to your type of skin. Get back to me and let me know if you have any questions about all these items presented here.

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Links for items presented here:

- Shiseido facial foam purchased at
- Toner from Simple purchased at
- No 7 serum purchased at
- Lacura serum and cream purchased at
- 5 masks from Boots at
- 3 Molton Brown shower gel and hand wash at
- 2 body butters from Superdrug from

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