How to grow great hair in London area


Having great hair should not be a problem, yet how many times have you seen London based women to be having great hair? Very rarely, as most have thinning hair, or falling like mad or with destroyed hair. All this is mainly due to bad London weather and hard water we have here unlike other parts of the UK or the world. I know so many women in Europe with great hair, or the rest of the world, whereas here, if you have long hair you are asked all the time 'is it real?' as opposed to somebody paying you a compliment the way you get in other parts of the world with 'how beautiful is your hair!!!!'

With this in mind, I decided to make a video on what works for me in having such a long hair for so many, many years. It does not mean that I am problem free, but simply because I know what works for me, that is what I will continue on doing. I have a great number of heated devices, from what remained part of an even higher number - I decided to give away, yet I am very careful what device I will chose in order to destroy my delicate hair.

If you are fortunate to be having a very strong hair due to your genetic code, then you should consider yourself fortunate: however most of the several million of women in London cannot say the same as we are all affected by the climate conditions as described earlier on.

In this clip I show what tricks work for me, what type of 'ancient' combs as opposed to brushes or heated 'devices' which, if I was to use, would have destroyed my hair completely. Also I show you the simple things that make my hurly curly or wavey and in a future clip I will show you what works with me to be having very long hair. At the end of the video you will see the most 'primitive' combs that do wonders for my hair: the pink comb and the half destroyed comb. You might have your own 'alien' things that work for you and trust me, there is nothing wrong with that. We are all different, right?

Have a wonderful day.





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