Haul in 'blue' 2017

What are the chances you are subconsciously influenced into buying a certain colour? And what does it mean?

This is what happened to me recently and only when putting everything together to film this clip I realised the items I purchased within several hours all have the same thing in common - being blue....... with one exception. How hilarious!!!

Firstly I got these gorgeous blue stones sandals/mules that I found at TKMaxx looking for a new pair of wedges to the summer time: I think they are absolutely gorgeous and most importantly that toe separator does not harm my toes, as it happened many times in the past. I guess is a classic tale of a good quality pair of shoes!!!

Next, I discovered this amazing Jumbo eye pencil in blue at Boots in Hammersmith and what an amazing colour that is: not only that is stays on for quite some time and the quality is brilliant as it glides so beautifully on my skin.

I wanted another body butter cream and as soon as I saw this Superdrug lotus flower and cherry blossom body butter cream I knew I had to have it: it smells divine and it is as thick as you expect a body butter to be...... plus it comes at a very low price one finds at Superdrug.

The pair of jeans shorts with lace I discovered them at Primark where I did some purchases as presents. The shorts are destined for myself and I can picture myself how cool they will look when paired with the blue sandals above and a nice top.

The Panda ears blue gown was purchased on ebay and was also intended to be a present however I kept it for myself because the quality is not top notch, but as I have so many bath gowns I guess I can put up with another gown.

The PVC see through rain coat is simply stunning and I wanted for quite some time to find something like this: it can be pair beautifully with festival clothes or with classic office dresses.

Have a wonderful day.






- TKMaxx sandals http://www.tkmaxx.co.uk
- NYX jumbo eye pencil in blue http://www.boots.com
- Lotus flower/Cherry blossom body butter http://www.superdrug.co.uk
- blue jeans shorts with embrodery http://www.primark.co.uk
- panda ears blue gown http://www.ebay.co.uk
- PVC raincoat http://www.newlook.co.uk

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