Love Honey and Agent Provocateur - black hold ups and stockings

This is my new video on Love Honey, Wolford and Agent Provocateur black hold up and stockings. Just like in the previous clip about White hold ups and stockings, I take you step by step in showing you the advantages and disadvantages of having these hold ups and stockings.

To start the video is the Gabriella calze in 15 denier with their gorgeous thick lace which I love so much, then moving onto the Gabriella Vera 20 denier hold ups with their beautiful flowery design at the back going all the way down on the leg.

Studio collants, also purchased from Love Honey, like the first 2 pairs, are equally gorgeous fashion hold ups with a beautiful long stylised design similar to Gabriella Vera, having a very strong hold up area which you wish all hold ups would have.

To end, we have the stunning Wolford satin touch 20 hold ups with their very thick lace good enough to put on a dress!!! Not only the offer great support on the leg but are visually amazing!

Last but not lease, there is a pair of black back seam Agent Provocateur stockings in size M, medium, which truthfully, as I am a size medium, I should have purchaed them in small. Do not make the same mistake as me and always ask your customer assistant's help.






Links to the items presented here:

- Gabriella hold ups and stockings from
- Wolford hold ups from
- Agent Provocateur stockings

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