LoveHoney and Ann Summers white hold ups and stockings


Who would have thought, only a decade ago that nowadays you can purchase amazing lingerie, hosiery etc from the comfort of your own home? Nowaday you do not have to get out of the house in order to order - receive great items, try them and if something is not up to your liking, to be able to return them from your comfort of your home. Sometimes even the delivery company will come to your door in order to take back the faulty items!!!! Nowadays we have LoveHoney to thank for this and although based in the west country they deliver such a grat service every single time, no wonder that I keep coming back to them.

And then you have AnnSummers, with shops in any major city and in London with shops on almost every high street - both catering for the most varied and demanding of tastes!!!!

In this video I show you the amazing hold ups and stockings I bought from Ann Summers and Love Honey.

To start with, I show you a gorgeous pair of pink fishnets hold ups from Ann Summers, just great for a sunny day when is not too hot or too cold out there in our 'crazy' London weather and when you need something like this to cheer yourself up and not get too cold with bare legs.

I then get more intimate with a gorgeous Ann summers burlesque bridal pair of stockings with their amazing shimmery gorgeous lace and end up with a pair of white hold ups from Cotteli collection and a pair of stockings from Music Legs both purchased at Love Honey.

More 2 videos following on black stockings and hold ups and black and red stockings and hold ups. I hope the information will help you in making your best purchases.





Links for items presented here:

- white stockings and pink hold ups from

- white hold ups and stockings from

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