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Hello everyone, in this latest video I would like to take you through several Love Honey purchases. I always loved their wide selection of amazing items which I keep purchasing for many years: whether naughty knickers or set of lingerie, stockings or cute suspenders, stunning waspies or corsets - I love them all!!!

I start my video with a gorgeous Rene Rofe 'dress', ha ha, which is more like a see through black elastic sewn together and having a black mesh at the front. This set also has a tiny G string, also made of mesh and the dress has suspenders in order to attach your stockings to.

Next, I show you a gorgeous 3 piece lingerie from Anais Apparel, consisting of a stunning lacey waspie and a cute pair of knickers together with a tiny bra, which unfortunately I cannot use..... but surely I will find some usage for it in the future.

The following item is a Seven Till Midnight 3 piece bodice in black lace with lacey hand restraints and cute knickers and to follow that I show you a piece called Anshula from, all courtesy of Love Honey. This is a cute little dress which is made of a quality similar to those of very thick tights, at least 40 denier, maybe 60 denier but has an intricate design which I like so much.

The last piece is from and contains a stunning baby doll with lace at the edges and bra support. Unfortunately this bra is very small for me, which means I have to wear my own bra underneath. It has 4 small suspenders attached to it and also comes with a cute pair of knickers

Check my other videos on gorgeous lingerie I purchased from Love Honey, Ann Summers etc and keep in touch if you want to see my future videos showing similar stuff.





Links to the items presented here:

- Rene Rofe 2 piece lingerie from
- Anais Apparel 3 piece from
- Seven Till Midnight 3 piece from
- Anshula dress from
- 2 piece from

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