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Hello, creative people of the world!!! Get inspiration here on how to modify or beautify your bags. Do not throw away those un-loved bags you have not used in years but use them to show your creative flair and modify them accordingly: if you need to cover a destroyed part, or simply want to re-fresh their image. Personally I do not remember to have thrown away any bag as I always chose to modify or replace the destroyed part. Nothing is too difficult and I always enjoyed this kind of process: are the handles worn and embarrassed to walk with such handles - replace them with thick chain handles you can purchase online. Is the bag having a small destroyed part? You can always cover that part with small appliqué you can also find online.

Do you need to beautify a bag which you feel is too simple? Nothing easier: iron on Swarovski appliqué, the way I did on the bags you can see here. I first purchased the turquoise suede leather bag in Ibiza for which I paid some 20 euros: I never like that it was too simple and just 'stayed there' in the corner without being used. I also purchased the pink suede leather bag with fringes from TKMaxx and although I used it a bit as it matches a pair of boots with fringes, I was never really happy with it's appearance. The turning point was when I purchased the white and red leather bags in Piazza della Republica in Florence for under 50 euros when I realised I can work my magic on all four bags. I purchased from ebay the strings of Swarovski crystals which are sold my mart and in the width that you like the most, in a huge variety of colours, then I purchased the iron on crowns (2 were used on a pair of shoes - check the video from How to modify your shoes). The process involved ironing these items on my bags as the heat acts as an adhesive: you might have to iron them several times until you are happy with the final process. Should some bits not stick to your bags or shoes, you can always apply some E6000 glue - at least this is what I do!!!

I am pretty happy with the final process and I cannot wait for the summer to arrive and start giving them the justice they deserve and to be worn around.





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