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How easy is to modify or beautify your old or newly purchased sandals, shoes, boots etc: is a process I highly recommend if you are as creative as me and the school or learning years are well behind you. I have always loved learning new things and I cannot easily remember things I threw away - instead I chose to beautify my items, hence saving the planet!!!! No items need to be thrown away if there is 'life' remaining in them: there are so many gorgeous little things you can ad to your shoes in order to make them more attractive!!!

In this clip here I show you how I chose to beautify my shoes with Swarovski crystals I purchased on ebay although I have some new ideas on how to add thick laces to my shoes and glue them on with E6000 (which every self respecting creative person should know about). On a pair of boots I chose to ad a string of pearls (which you can remember I also added them to a winter coat - if you checked the video on Winter coats) purchased by meter from ebay at a great low price.

Everything is very easy and you can use your creative flair on any old shoes you have in the house - although I bet your father or partner will not be too happy if you chose to 'beautify' his black office shoes, ha ha ha ha. In the pictures underneath you can see that I even chose to give a different design to a pair of sandals - who needs to be 'boring' by having sandals with the same design?

Keep in touch via my website or on social media if you want to discover new projects I keep working on all the time - not doing something creative is equal to not doing anything for me.

Check the links underneath for items I have used to beautify my shoes.







Links for items presented here:

- Swarovski crystals from

- beige boots purchased from

- beige boots purchased from

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