Molton Brown Haul
Long before hearing about Molton Brown, I was checking the perfume and shower gel section of different shops for designer shower gels, having no idea there is such a variety of amazing shower gels or hand washes. A friend kept using the Pepperpod combo and silly me, I though that was the only thing Molton Brown produced!!! Yet most recently, I found myself in a shop and decide to once again sniff some of their shower gels.... the very first one being the Molton Brown Patchouli and Saffron shower gel - I have been addicted to this brand ever since, further acquiring the Oudh Accord and several others, when my 'special somebody' heard of this passion and decided to spoil me further. Aren't I the lucky one? Well, he gets lots of hugs and kisses and return, besides lots of thoughtful presents, so his efforts are not in vain.

Yet, recently he surprised me by going the extra length to find, the now extinct, Molton Brown Fable Juniper Berries and Lapp Pine, or the Molton Brown Festive Frankincense and All spice and many others!!! The YouTube clip on this page explains in great detail why I like this brand so much, with their unique and exotic smells, you do not even feel like using perfumes afterwards. I wish MoltonBrown reconsidered the older scents and brought them back!!!

Also I have to pay my dues to the amazing Thierry Mugler AMen shower gel in it's black box - this is one amazing scent that my other half keeps getting it for me as I simply love it. Although he refuses to use it, as he says it is only for my use, I always surprise him by scrubbing this gorgeous shower gel on his back, ha ha

Treat others the way you would like to be treated, right?

Have a wonderful day.





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- Molton Brown

- Thierry Mugler AMen shower gel

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