New Year Shoe Haul


New Year - new need for shoes!!!! After all, the boys go to football matches, us, girls, go shopping - so much more creative, isn't it? Ha ha ha.

These days I am very selective with what shoe purchases I am making - after all, I have got hundreds, in all colours, shapes and designs, therefore no need to purchase something which will not inspire me...... or do me favors!!! Yet, when I saw these several pairs of boots, open toe shoes and sandals, I thought to myself: 'how gorgeous, how unique - I need them'.

I noticed this gorgeous pair of Zara sandals on their website and ordered them online in size 5 and 6. Why? Because normally I am a size 4 1/2, yet due to having wide soles (probably because some early shoes, poorly constructed with a 4 cm heel deformed my feet) I find myself wearing size 5 (apart from tennis shoes) and sometimes even go for size 6 in boots to feel more comfortable. On this occasion, I noticed there was a difference of only 1 cm between size 5 and 6 and both having the same sole width, so I found myself sending back size 5 - I did not think that even size 6 was a true representation of a size 6. Yet the sandals are simply gorgeous with their suede leather earthy brown colour, just under 10cm heel, 1cm sole height and intricate design. I cannot wait to wear them in summer time with a fly away dress or even black or nude coloured trousers for that very classic but elegant style.

Next, I bought several pairs of shoes from NewLook, all on sale: 2 gorgeous pairs of above the knee boots, as shown in the YouTube clip and a pair of open toe shoes. The open toe shoes have man-made leather in black according to their label, although they smell very natural to me. I like the fact that the heel is reflective - if you need to apply lipstick, ha ha ha, and you can wear them all year round. Just perfect for our moody but mild London weather, with a difference of maybe 10 degrees between the seasons with an exception of 2, 3 weeks of the year. The black suede leather boots above the knee I found them to be very comfortable, yet the calves are huge (even after asking them to send 3 pairs via the post, thinking there was a problem with the first pair), that is why I created the elasticated cord to wrap around my calves, on top of the boots to keep them closer to my skin - I wore them twice and both times my legs were sweating!!!! They are padded inside and what I liked the most is the metal spikes at the top. I did not have the chance to wear the beige velvet above the knee boots, having the same kind of heel like the black ones, but they look as great as they look in the video.

All in all, these purchases were great value for money and both Customer Services at Zara and New Look were brilliant and made my online shopping experience and return a breeze. No wonder I keep browsing their site all the time.





Links for items presented here:

- NewLook above the knee black suede boots
- NewLook ankle open toe boots
- NewLook above the knee beige boots
- Zara sandals

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