Perfumes for men - Sweet tones

Perfumes for men: sweet nuances or light nuances - these are perfumes that suits almost anyone......... even women. No wonder that most of my perfumes are perfumes for men as I like so much these scents.

This video introduces you to one of my favourite perfumes: Angel by Thierry Mugler due to it's very sweet yet slightly masculine scent that suits my skin so much, making the perfume to smell much sweeter than it would smell on a man. This perfume is a perfume I use for many, many years and probably I will have to search the world for it if it will ever be discontinued.

The next perfume I show you in my clip is Jovan which is actually a cologne I purchased it purely because I can pour it into my 10ml bottles I like travelling around the world in my 100ml security plastic bag. I can take 4, 5 or 6 of such mini bottles and once I used them there is no need to put them back into the security bag but in my suitcase and use them again in the future: I think is a great idea that saves me lots of space!!!

The next perfumes I am showing to you are perfumes which are very floral, some very light and would suit any man wanting to smell discreetly of perfume as he is doing his business meetings or trips: Kouros by Yves St Laurent or Kenzo Jungle, or Jazz live by Yves St Laurent or Lagerfeld Jako.

Paco Rabanne Exces is a perfume a bit stronger than all the above and it's masculine notes tend to last a big longer throughout the day. Parfume d'ete by Kenzo is also a lighter perfume, just like Colours of Benetton or the very floral with minty notes Cartier Vert Anis pour homme by Cartier.

Have a wonderful day.






- Angel by Thierry Mugler from
- Jovan apres Rasage
- Kouros by Yves St Laurent
- Kenzo Jungle by Kenzo
- Jazz live by Yves St Laurent
- Lagerfeld Jako by Lagerfelf
- Paco Rabanne Exces by Paco Rabanne
- Parfum d'Ete by Kenzo

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