Primark Haul June 2017

No month is complete without a visit to Primark to get anything from face wipes to socks or more expensive items..... if an item from Primark can ever be called expensive.

And this month was no exception, with the difference that on this occasion I had to pop in for some last minute presents.

My adventure started when I noticed a gorgeous turqoise bath gown with cute writings on it and a happy face on the hoodie. It comes just about the knee and it is a great gown for snuggling in the colder months.... or when feeling down.

The next item is a stunning orange/red top off the shoulder with little sleeves and just great for wearing in summer months with one or two sleeveless tops underneath as this top is transparent.

The black stretch jeans I further purchased are great to wear in any kind of weather, especially if you want to cover some 'folds'.... and I have been asked to keep purchasing any colours for quite some time - I am only happy to oblige.

A quick pop to the cosmetics section left me in awe of this gorgeous Vintage eye shadow, the glitter nail varnish set of 12, together with the neck chokers and the nail files - I was surprised to discover the prices here are even cheaper than on Ebay: who is to complain and not instead buy, buy, buy.

Have a wonderful day.






- turqoise feece bathgown
- off the shoulder organge top
- black stretch jeans
- neck chokers
- glitter nail varnish
- nail files

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