Soft corsets - learn the difference between soft and strong corsets


Why soft corsets and not strong corsets? Because the soft corsets can be worn without much impact on your body unless you intend to eat lots while wearing them.

Soft corsets do not have the strong whale bone you would find in the strong corsets where even breathing can be a problem or.... sitting down!!!! Neverming exercising, which cannot be done whilst wearing a strong corset.

In this clip I take you through a brief information on soft corsets and we start with a gorgeous black corset/bustiere which I purchased some years ago from Lejaby, the well known French fashion house. Next I show you several of my underbust corsets, the first having an intricate silver design in the corset area as well as Gstring and gloves.

The next underbust corset is gorgeous with it's black lace although the same rigid closing system one finds in the strong corsets normally.

The white corset/bodice following has lace and suspender straps and is simply gorgeous.

Check the next video I will be uploading on strong corsets where I will show you the impact strong whale bones can have on your body.

I hope you will enjoy my video and this discovery.


Have a wonderful day.





Links for items presented here:

- Lejaby black corset/bustiere from
- black/silver underbust corset
- underbust black lace corset from
- white corset/bodice

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