Sports wedges

High heeled sports shoes, sports wedges etc, call them as you please but what they all are is just simply primsoles or tennis shoes or sneakers or trainers, depending on what part of the world you are in, with heels.

I developed my collection of 'sports wedges', as I call them, after learning that I like a bit of a heel even when I am in holiday. As I like walking fast and visiting everything a city has to offer, I then realised that I can avoid being tired, hence walking longer distances in this type of shoes - and this next clip takes you through my recent purchases of such shoes that do wonders to my toes and feet!!!

The clip attached proves just that: you can walk around very fast in these gorgeous pieces that I purchased in different places: from shops to online shopping.


Have a wonderful day.





Links for items presented here:

- white sports wedges from
- black lace sports wedges from
- colourful sports wedges from
- white sports wedges from
- red velvet sports wedges from

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