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What is the impact a strong corset can have on your body and how are you supposed to function when 'embalmed' in a strong corset? Learn the difference between soft and stronger corsets here.

This video is all about strong corsets and the selection I have acquired in the last decade. The clip starts with a gorgeous but not a whale bone corset where you cannot even move properly. This pink/golden/black corset comes with a triangle Gstring (the delights of being made in China, right?) and the silk like fabric is rather gorgeous. This corset is not super strong and has also a beautiful lace at the top and bottom - this was a present courtesy of LoveHoney.

Next I show you a pink/white/black corset, rather simple which I started wearing when corsets were not even in fashion, so much so that I was even clubbing in it due to not having strong whale bone.

The last 3 corsets are what we typically call whale bone corsets due to the fact they are extremely strong, they have strong closing system which requires you to open the laces/strings at the back every single time you put on your corset and only pull the strings back on your body according to how much you can breathe in. These corsets do not allow you to sit comfortably, or eat, breathe and do other functions. I am not convinced any such corset can give you those abnormal waists we have seen around (probably acquired though removing ribs during a surgery) but they can clearly make you eat less probably acquiring some digestive problems in the process. Make your choices accordingly and how long you can last in a corset.

I hope you will enjoy my video and this discovery.

Have a wonderful day.





Links for items presented here:

- pink/gold/black lace corset from
- pink/white/black corset
- 2 black, 1 white corset from

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