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Are you happy with the same boring summer dress or the same dress that thousands of other people have it? Why not have your very own personalised dress which can look amazing with some small changes: either with materials you have in the house or fabrics you can buy around at very small prices?

In this clip I show you how I personalised several of my outfits: why throw them away just because I do not like the cut or the fabric when I can 'built' on top of them and create some amazingly looking dresses?

The first dress is a white dress, which is rather transparent and not as described by the ebay seller when I purchased it: I attached to it strips of fabric I have in the house, all cut in long strings, then ruffled up and attaching them to the dress. I really like the final look of this dress.

The following dress was a boring neon pink and yellow dress, simple and again, not as described in the pictures by the ebay seller: I attached strips of fabric I further bought on ebay which I then ruffled up and have sewn in long parallel strips. At the top of the dress I put some bits of lace I had in the house in my bag of lace remnants.

The last piece is a cute white, transparent onesie which I bought from Primark. I cut it in the waist area to have the fresh air of the summer engulf me and I further applied lace fabric on the sides: it looks so much better now, don't you think?

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