Summer Flip Flop sandals

Why destroy your feet in the summer time wearing heavy shoes when you could be wearing very sexy and cute flip flops, sandals, mules or slip ons as they are called in different parts of the planet. These gorgeous items should be worn in summer time if you care about the health of your feet, like letting your feet breath the fresh air and take on Vitamin D and why not, if you care about getting a nice tan while exposing your gorgeous toes and legs - and trust me, anyone can have gorgeous ones if you make little efforts!!!!

My collection of flip flops, slips on or whatever you want to call them starts with a pair which has rather high heels and is a bit of struggle to walk very fast in, however they are gorgeous with their Swarovski diamantes positioned so sexily on the straps.

The next pair has been bought from Dolci in a London shop and Ilike them because they can be worn even in an office.

The yellow maribou feather and yellow strappy ones that follow are clearly a bit more artistic and only suits certain type: the more adventurous type of woman, although the comfy silver one that follow I purchased that in Kuala Lumpur some years ago, together with the golden ones bought in New Delhi and the black and silver diamante that follow which I purchased in SE Asia. Also pretty un-obtainable to most, unless you travel to Hong Kong are the ones that follow with a gorgeous blue sole and a large diamante, also the Denim imitation ones purchased all in SE Asia, just liek the last pair in gold and with a big stone.

However I hope this inspired where to make your purchases, how to purchase bearing in mind the discoveries I exposed in this clip and how much you would expect to wear them.

Have a wonderful day.






- silver flip flop sandals
- Dolci slip ons
- yellow maribou feather flip flops
- yellow strappy flip flops
- silver flip flops
- golden flip flops
- black diamante flip flops
- diamante flip flops
- blue denim imitation flip flops
- golden flip flops

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