Summer Heeled Flip Flops

Following the previous clip on summer wedges, where to buy them and what what you should buy, this clip is about 4 more pairs of such shoes.

The first 2 pairs have high heels yet they are very comfortable to wear: however I do not recommend them if you fancy walking for miles in the sun. These 2 pairs, the first in white and the second in brown leather are beautifully adorned with gorgeous little embellishments and something similar should be in every woman's dressing room if you fancy a different kind of look in summer time.

The last 2 pairs are something more comfortable and I highly recommend them if you like walking for miles: they surely do the trick for me and many times I found myself walking very long distances in the black pair, no wonder they look destroyed now - check my new clip on how I make them look brand new with the help of the fashionable maribou feathers.

The silver pair has been bought bearing in mind how easy I walk in the black pair and I remember simply buying them in a shop in Venice whilst asking the shop assistant to bin the pair of shoes I was wearing at the time and that created so many wounds on my delicate skin.

I hope this inspired where to make your purchases, how to purchase bearing in mind the discoveries I exposed in this clip and how much you would expect to wear them.

Have a wonderful day.






- white wooden wedges with embelishments
- brown leather with embelishments
- silver wedges
- black wedges

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