Sexy summer wedges

Sandal wedges or wedge sandals, whatever you call them, they are all the same: great sandals to walk fast, if you are not into those 4 inches heels more something more sensible.

This video is all about this: great sandals for the summer time and to start I show you some very low priced sandals I purchased from ebay in pink. I liked them so much due to being so comfortable that I decided to purchase the same style in beige....... and later on another pair in beige. The downside of these sandals is that the heel does not last forever and is easily affected by water/rain etc at which point you might have to throw them away.

The following pair I purchased from Moda in Pelle in a cute little shop just off Bond street in London, when I purchased several more pairs of shoes.

The next 2 pairs in black and light beige I purchased them from Primark due to the fact they are so comfortable and cheap. Only later I discovered my toes tended to sleep through the peep hole at the front, that is why I have to wear them with small Japanese socks covering only the toes.

The next pair of green crocheted sandals are very cute, however I hardly wear them purely because I prefer to have a peep hole to have the air pass through my toes. Similarly the next beige and gold sandals or the beige and white gold sandals were purchased not realising that in this day in age we can spoil ourselves and have these peep hole sandal wedges that can suit one so much better. No wonder that even the black embroidered sandals or the yellow ones are not being worn much purely for the reason explained above.

Have a wonderful day.






- pink and beige wedges from
- pink Moda in Pelle wedges
- beige and black wedges from
- green crocheted wedges
- beige and gold wedges
- beige and white wedges
- black embroidered wedges
- yellow wedges

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