TJC 'green' ring collection


The Jewellery Channel is a jewellery channel currently based just outside London, UK with a huge variety of jewellery being sold online or via their TV presence. Additionally, they also sell home items, creams etc at very good prices.

In this video I take you via several of my green rings I purchased from them: first a gorgeous emerald ring and then a green amethyst ring.

The emerald ring was purchased at a very low price, matching a gorgeous pair of emerald earrings (not shown in this clip) and which I like so much.

The green amethyst ring is a rather large ring with green amethyst or Labradorite as it is being called sometimes surrounded by some beautiful white Topaz.

I hope you will enjoy this video and I have inspired you where to make your purchases.





Links for items presented here:

- Green emerald ring from
- Green amethyst and white topaz ring from

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