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Very few women out there will tell you 'no, I do not like wearing jewellery'. The truth is, if you are a lover of beautiful things, just like our ancestors, you will like investing in gorgeous precious or semi-precious stones, maybe because you want to have something more special or maybe you love these unique stones with their inclusions telling a million years' story. I always loved jewellery, and I remember as I child, I kept wearing the pieces I used to find in the house wondering if I am going to have my very own? We are so fortunate to be living in this part of the world where such expensive stones can be found at very low prices and here is where The Jewellery Channel or TJC as it is known comes in, with their variety of items to safisty the most demanding people.

These unique pieces are some I got recently, and I love the gorgeous Ethiopian Wello Opal ring in Sterling silver set in the shape of a flower with a bangle having 5 flowers to match the ring. Also, what you will see here is an amazing and very large Labradorite or Green Amethyst stone as some call it, surrounded by small white Topaz stones forming a very cute ring with a bracelet of green Amethyst of different shaped stones. In the video here, I talk in great detail about these sets, plus the cute white crackled quartz earrings and the rough Citrine stones necklace, also Agate necklace and a very big and shiny Swarowski encrusted watch.

I love all these purchases and what I like is that TJC delivers everything in great black velvet boxes or pouches, or Chinese fabric pouches. Check my video and contact me via my social media asking for discounts I give to friends when shopping at TJC: numbers are limited though so contact me in good time.

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