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TJC or The Jewellery Channel is a channel where I keep coming back all the time and on this occasion I discovered that not only I can buy gorgeous and well priced jewellery but also some very nice ponchos.

I purchased some gorgeous scarves in the past from them but I had no idea they also have these amazing ponchos...... especially since I never had a knitted poncho before: and you know what? I love them!!! There is no need to think much of what you are going to wear when you need something from your local supermarket. You can simply put your gorgeous poncho on top of your Tshirt and jeans... and off you are to do that last minute shopping.

In this video, after showing you this great poncho, I later take you through another purchase.... a beautiful sterling silver ring which I want to embellish with some citrine stones and create an effect I have not seen anywhere around: the remaining of the stones will be used to make a new necklace and maybe a pair of earrings.

Next, I take you though some gorgeous key rings I also purchased at TJC: a set of 3 and very large key rings I have not seen around, all beautiful and as long as my palm.

Lastly, I show you another key ring, a fluffy one, I purchased at Primark, in some gorgeous pastel colours - what is not to like?

Have a wonderful day.





Links for items presented here:

- black knitted poncho from
- sterling silver ring
- 3 key rings
- fluffy key ring from

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