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I always loved pearls and I remember as a child wearing my dear mum's fake pearls which I destroyed or covered them in smudges. Great times then!!!! Not a chance for my kids doing that to my jewellery: not only these are real pearls but I am even more fond to them as I got them for such low prices of under 10 GBP!!!! Where else in the world do you get such prices? TJC jewellery is not only veyr well priced but, cutting the middle man they pass onto us gorgeous jewellery made in India or further away around the world.

In this next clip I show you some gorgeous pearl ring surrounded by white Topaz that inspired me to further purchase some amazing necklaces:

- first you have an amazing 18 inch Quartz necklace, out of the Superman's meeting place with his ancestors. This necklace is truly unique and I like the stones are so asymetric, rough and unique

- then you have an 18 inch Keshi pearl necklace, out of the waters of the Pacific: I like these rough and very unique pearls contrasting beautifully with the round finesse of the Pearl ring

- lastly, there is a long string of perfectly formed fresh Pearls, some a bit different and even so, more interesting. These kind of necklaces I like wearing them long or several turns around my neck with a gorgeous white silk shirt or anything simple and elegant. Pity I did not show you my equally gorgeous pearl earrings, also purchased at TJC, matching beautifully all the above.

I hope this inspired you in checking TJC online or on TV and get your very own and low priced items - or maybe that unique item worth thousands of pounds for a special celebration.





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