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Following my previous video, you would have learned by now how much I love TJC jewellery, yet what you will learn here is just how gorgeous even the rough stones can be. My video underneath gives information in great details about each set: the Citrine set, the Paraibe Apatite set and the black Tourmaline set, each set of stretchable bracelet and necklace being anything between 500 carat and just under 1000 carat in the case of the Tourmaline set, which is great value for money bearing in mind that each set cost under 10 pounds.

What you do not see here is the Paraibe apatite necklace and a Hebei Peridot necklace also presented in the video - how pleased I am with all these purchases!!!! I like the fact they are so rough, in some you can even see the inclusions proving they are not mad made stones but unique, million years old stones.... and if I will ever get tired of the current design, I can always assemble them in my very own design.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend TJC - there is something there even for a teenager with pocket money who could be as savvy as me and loving great quality items at low prices.

Contact me here or via the social media on how to get your first six pounds voucher to get you started with a purchase at TJC: I don't get these vouchers all the time though, so email me in good time to get one.

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