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How annoyed was I when my very first pair of designer sunglasses I was ever able to afford got stolen right under my nose at Customer Service area in a well know chain of shops and the staff did not want to show me the CCTV as to who took them!!!! Imagine my frustration when even the Police did not help me with such a 'trivial' matter. My gorgeous Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses were simple, just with the logo D&G on the side and although they were hurting my head when I was wearing them, I was willing to make this compromise for the above reasons. I was left just with the case that does not even bear the code for my pair of sunglasses! Now, several years later, I wonder why didn't I hear of TKMaxx sooner!!!! Their selection of sunglasses you find at different shops is varied, for the most diverse of tastes and although some say they are out of season, that is why the price is lower than on designer websites, I find them an excellent value for money, bearing in mind that I have got so many pairs I keep changing all the time.

This YouTube video here bears witness to my passion for TKMaxx sunglasses and TKMaxx in general and as I was assembling my collection and new sunglasses I purchased from them recently I realised how big my collection now is. As per the video, you will see Betsy Johnson sunglasses, MaxMara, Sisley, Playboy etc in the greatest of details. Also you will see sunglasses I bought at Prada, Fendi etc. Come back soon and discover my new purchases.





Links for items presented here:

- MaxMara white sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Betsy Johnson tiger sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Prada butterfly sunglasses from Prada
- Moschino sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Moschino sunglasses large from TKMaxx
- Sass&Bide sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Guess sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Sisley sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Ed Hardy sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Chanel sunglasses from Chanel
- Playboy sunglasses from TKMaxx
- Armani sunglasses from Armani


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