Mouthwatering Tiramisu


Learn how to make one of the easiest desserts around - a mouthwateringTiramisu!!!!

In this video I show you how I 'throw' everything in my Tiramisu, no wonder it disappeared so fast down our mouths as you can see from the pictures taken at different stages, ha ha ha!!!

Stop the video at any point if you want to read some information, yet I will try and write down what I used. You can be more creative if you wish and add different kind of liqueur or soften the sponge fingers in a different way. According to how moistened these sponge fingers they will be, you can determine how 'stable' your Tiramisu cake will be. Clearly, a Tiramisu with very moistened sponge fingers will produce a Tiramisu that will not stand on it's own like a Victoria sponge cake for example.

And here are the items I used:

- sponge fingers (or Bizcochos as written on the pack of 200g) softened with a mix of a cappuchino sachet with several spoons of Cherry liqueur (depending on how drunk you want to get, ha ha). I prefer to drop this mix on the sponge fingers spoon by spoon as I don't want to dip in the sponge fingers in the mix and then put them back onto each layer destroyed or coming apart
- mascarpone cream mixed with some 400ml of cooled down custard cream (I used 4 spoons of custard powder mixed with 300ml milk - I do everything 'eyeometric' analysing what I want the final result to be; for example I always put more sugar because I have got a sweet tooth)
- the next layer was finely cut chocolate mints squares as we like it so much
- then we repeated the steps described above
- finally I topped everything with 600ml of double cream (never use Fresh cream in UK as the result will be different) whisked with some 150g of icing sugar because it whisks faster and better than granulated sugar; I then sprinkled some cocoa as I am not a big fan of something so 'dark'. If you do not like much your Double cream, you can always use a carton of 300ml: thus you will get a thinner layer than mine.

Once you do your tiramisu, you might want to experiment with it and find your own recipe and ad or remove items as you please





Links for items presented here:

- Tesco cream, sugar, cappucino etc

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