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Since my first trips to the US I noticed that yes, you can find there the same brands as here in the UK, like Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel etc yet even these brands, as well as many brands you will never see in the UK have items I have never seen in London for example.

I spoke with many shop assistants, showing them the lipsticks I purchased in the US and they all told me they have never seen these items.

This video shows my recent purchases I made in the US: the clip starts though with a very pink lipstick I purchased last year in Williamsburg, Virginia - a Maybelline 05 shade which I cannot even find it in the US. I love this shade as it suits my skin every single day of the year and I can match it perfectly with the many pink lip liners i have got.

The next lipstick is also in pink, by Milani (which I have never heard about in the UK) and has a similar shade to Maybelline - it is called Matte Diva in shade 63 and I purchased it in a Wallmart.

Also in a Wallmart was purchased the next amazing lipstick, a stunning Mega last liquid 'Oh my dolly' by Wet and Wild. This lipstick is simply amazing as it lasts on my lips the whole day and only need to dab a bit on the middle of my lips if I have a meal: isn't that amazing? I cannot wait to go back to the US and buy other shades in beige or red!!!

The last 3 lipsticks I purchased them from BarryM at Boots chemist in London. I keep buying BarryM's items since it first came on the market due to having some very innovative and unique lipsticks, eye liners or eye shades. These 3 MarryM lipsticks are in the shape of pencils and are simply amazing.

Have a wonderful day.





Links for items presented here:

- Maybelline pink lipstick
- Matte Diva lipstick by Milani
- Oh my dolly lipstick by Wet & Wild
- BarryM lip crayons from

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