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Recently I came across Dezzal website and despite being located so far away, in China to be more specific, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the delivery was so swift and my coat arrived, beautifully packet and as per their website. Other reviewers, mentioned the same high standards, which is a breeze of fresh air, knowing how difficult is to buy from the other side of the world, due to the unknown...... or based on my experiences I had in the past.

This Dezzal coat was my first experiment with the site and despite eyeing up another coat, unfortunately being sold out by the time I received this coat, I could not place another order. One thing which I also noticed is how much prices vary on this site: one day you see a price, the next day the price could be double - which is not common for us, in the UK, so I wonder what is the logic explanation to this? Even if a coat is in great demand in the UK, the supplier does not double the price overnight. All this would be too strange for us and the European or North American markets.

This specific Dezzal coat is beautifully embroidered all over and it's details are great outside and inside the coat. The edges though are simple sewn and not turned inside the way you would normally see, yet, as I have so many coats, I rather like this uniqueness. The belt is also embroidered and with 'rough' edges, just like the coat, and the coat can be closed with fasteners and not buttons which means your dress worn underneath could be seen a bit. I am a size 10-12 UK, however I had to buy a different size from them as the Chinese sizes do not match our Medium or Large for example. However their measurements on their site are accurate, meaning you can check them and pick according to your measurements. I keep an eye on Dezzal site for new items at great prices, as in the UK they will cost us so much more!!

I keep cutting fabric since I was very young, as I started making clothes for my dolls and then moved onto making clothes for me and even putting together cushion covers from fabric remnants or old jeans etc. No wonder, disillusioned with the high prices one finds on the UK market for gorgeous winter coats, I decided to make my own coats: and what you can see here are just several examples.

Believe it or not, the fabrics were bought at Sunday markets, one finds popping out in central London at the weekend and it took me several years before deciding to cut the fabrics. Once doing that though, I bought my haberdashery on Ebay (saving me time and money for wasting on traveling from one shop to another in London), which is great value for money besides being so beautiful; also amazing buttons that would cost some 4 times more in central London, lining etc

What you have here is the final product and I am really pleased with them: even Dry cleaning staff compliment my coats for being of very good quality fabric, as opposed to the designer items I have made of 50% sometimes polyester combo and that cost maybe 10 times more than the coats I made myself. I learned to cut the fabric and calculate everything according to my measurements - apparently this is how Saville Row tailors operate themselves and if you want to take this hobby yourself, trust me, it couldn't be any easier.

I already bought more fabrics in the markets, looking forward to making my own lace spring/autumn coats........ and if you ask nicely, maybe I will teach you how to do it yourself, ha ha





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