Zara and H&M homestores tableware


How many times did you find yourself in the mood for not facing the world and hiding inside your home, on a rainy day, with a gorgeous cuppa in a nice setting? How many times did you find yourself in the mood for staying in bed with your special somebody, lazing over a nice nice but simple breakfast? If, like me, you found yourself in such situations, then why not learn how to make yourself feel better with cute little items enhancing your senses. Personally, since my childhood years, I always loved this game of 'pretending' of being in my own castle, surrounded by gorgeous items, so I jumped at the idea of 'acquiring' my own little tea set, just perfect for two people.

Firstly, it was the gorgeous tea pot I noticed in a little shop in the historic centre of Bath, UK and it was so difficult to make up my mind, I was not sure which one to get. With this in mind, silly me, I thought they are easy to get anywhere in London but then I realised these teapots can be found only in Bath....... or by ordering them on Ebay. They are not cheap, but how teapots am I going to have? My 'special somebody' decided to surprise me with this and I kept kicking with pleasure when opening it from it's box: I love the little duck, which can be raised in order to pour the hot water, the blue towel, hanging over the side of the bath, the tray with Foam Bath, loofah and brush and finally, the golden taps, handle and feet.

Then, just around Christmas, I discovered the gorgeous golden cups at H&M Home section and then saucers, first completely golden, although not matching entirely the teapot, and the saucers with their delicate pine details. The pineapple shaped golden tray, good enough to serve chocolate or tiny cakes and pies, was also discovered at H&M Home section and was a great addition to my set.

And to complete my 'golden drama' I found the gorgeously engraved golden forks, knives, big spoons and little spoons - all at Zara Home section. Celebration, come my way!!!!!!!

The whole presentation was completed with the perfectly shaped JohnLewis wooden tray......... call me a happy bunny!!!!!

Wouldn't you want to celebrate your life during those rainy days in style?





Links for items presented here:

- H&M golden cups and saucers
- H&M golden pineapple shaped tray
- Zara golden engraved cutlery
- John Lewis wooden breakfast tray
- Teapot

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